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Long overdue

This is a long overdue post.. but for sake of documenting my work, this is some of the stuff I have found about cameras that are interesting. (some more than others). The Sony concepts are really interesting, and it would be interesting to see if they take it further with regards to the image after its been shot.

“Whereas most cameras use batteries for power, Sony recently revealed a unique looking device that is powered by kinetic energy! The latest in the company’s Odo line of green gadgets.”

Now you can have a digital camera that shoots when it’s thrown.

“The Fun Camera by designer Jian Guan features a 16mm mirrored lens, which can also be replaced with standard lenses. Guan took his inspiration for the design from a magnifying glass. It’s a great concept and would be a lot of fun to use.”

“The is designed to promote creativity! It has a helpful preview screen, and a handle on each side so kids can hold it real steady. So easy to use, a three year old can do it! Includes extremely child-friendly editing software that lets kids create their own stories, slide shows, puzzles, more. The Crayola Kids Camera stores approx. 93 low resolution photos.”

“The Argus Bean 5.0 is a camera for children, LCD screen, flash, zoom and other great features, SD slot, web camera mode, USB storage mode, memory, and image review functions to exceed” (text from website, terribly written)

“Videoservice YouTube became very popular among Internet surfers. Unknown manufacturer under the long title presented new camcorder The Only Children’s Special Effect Video Camera especially for YouTube lovers.”

Canon Snap – new concept camera-ring

“Using a unique ergonomic cylindrical design, the “360 Camera” by Cedric Tay allows users to easily take panoramic images by just holding the device with one hand. Rounding out the specs on this camera is a built-in inclinometer and angle indicator”



Interesting Guitar concept

This is an interesting concept by Ben Lewry from Visionary Instruments It fits into the idea of my cameras that I may be able to build upon.

read more at Geek Entertainment


It’s been awhile since I posted anything. Will be doing it soon..
in the meantime, here!

School day 1 pictures

I have spent the last two days at the local school with children of ages 8 and 9. We went through a few exercises and discussions that were really insightful and helpful.
– General Discussion about drawing and sketching
– Leading into taking pictures and cameras
– Making imaginary cameras that they want (using clay)
– Worksheet
– Draw one great adventure you will have with your new camera. Be as imaginative and creative as you can!! Have fun.
– Who will you show all your wonderful pictures to?
– How will you show it to them? Try and think of a new way to do it! Remember it can be completely fun and it doesn’t have to use a computer.

a camera on your thumb, so you can do other things with your fingers | camera with removable screen

Very “gadget-y”, projects images wherever you need them | embellished jewel like cameras

Framed pictures, treasure? importance? | Show the pictures inside a tree trunk!! she said because it was ‘cozy’!! I need to decipher this.

buddy device, paring up with friends or family | “an image in the sun, picture projected into the sun because the sun is beautiful”

Lots more pictures here (school day) and here (drawings)

Play dough 1.0

First round of ‘interviews’ tomorrow. I say that cause one really can’t interview a child, am meeting 20 eight yr old children at a local school to spend some time with them and learn from them.

Am taking with me a small worksheet and a play activity- I just made my first batch of play dough (diff colours even!) and the exercise is to have them make an imaginary camera with me, and then as part of their take home worksheet make drawings, collages about an adventure they plan to have with it.

There is a little bit more to the worksheet, but will share later when I get it clear.

my first attempt!

expensive options at the store

more pictures here
great play dough recipe here


SpyRod is a camera, which has a long stick and fishing line. Children can see and record the view through the camera with a viewing box.
By Yumiko Tanaka

What happens after? the viewing experience can be as much fun as well..

Camera toss

A flickr group I stumbled upon – camera toss

via flickr, courtesy Right Brain, QuakkauQ and mtnrockdhh

“The concept is extremely simple, and the following summary is probably even more detailed than it should be. Basically just take pictures while throwing your camera and use trial and error to hone your results.”
Ryan Gallagher

Camera toss blog and mini how-to