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Course : Service Design @ CIID
Team : Adam Little, Eilidh Dickson, Siddharth Muthyala
Duration : 5 Weeks
My Role : Concept generation and Development, Scenario Building, Experience Prototyping, User Testing,
Video prototyping

What is the service?
Travel Global | Read Local is a library service for hotels and their guests. It aims to promote Danish culture & knowledge to visitors of Denmark by giving them access to library materials and services. At the same time, Travel Global | Read Local allows hotels to serve their guests in new ways by arranging to have library materials delivered directly to their rooms.

Video of final service

Hotel Fox, a boutique lifestyle hotel in Copenhagen, worked with us and let us do an experience prototype. They hosted a version of our book lending service for their guests and by observing this in action, we gained several valuable insights

Who is it for?
Travel Global | Read Local is for hotels and their guests. Many visitors to Denmark are eager to find local knowledge about sights, activities, books, music and other things that suit their personal interests. Few places in Denmark provide such information to help people experience the local culture in a meaningful way. Hotels are interested in meeting the needs of their customers and providing them with a comforting and welcoming stay.

Why is it valuable?
Hotel guests are able to explore Danish culture through the library and have books, CDs and DVDs waiting at their hotel room when they arrive, all for free.

Hotels that partner with the library will have a unique service that allows them give their guests a personalized experience.

The library can continue it’s mission of providing free access to culture and information while at the same time lead the way in promoting Denmark as a country which places a high value in the sharing of knowledge. Possible business opportunities exist for both the library and hotels to offer paid subscriptions and premium services.

How does it work?
early video scenario we put together to demonstrate the concept

A special library website promotes materials and information relevant for visitors and guests in Denmark. When a visitor books a room with a partner hotel, they are given the ability to reserve materials from the library website. The library will arrange to deliver the materials to the hotel and the hotel will manage the rest. A hotel guest has many options for returning books, reserving more books, etc.

process pictures:

card sorting exercises with users at the library

some of the touchpoints of the service – form our experience prototype at FOX hotel

video prototyping at FOX hotel

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