Russel T.V

Project : Russel T.V @ Srishti School of Art, Design & Technology, Bangalore India
Student Team Project
Year : 2005
My Role : Concept generation and Development, Prototyping, Scenarios, Research, Data Collection, Final Exhibition design, Conducting Interviews and doing all that I had to in a local TV station
Honors : Exhibited at ARS Electronica 2005

What is it?
Russel T.V is a project dealing with the role of mass media in India today. The project critiques the role of programming and advertising in popular media. What if anybody had access to Video recording, editing and broadcasting equipment? How would the visual and journalistic standards change?

The outcome of the project was the setting up of a T.V channel in Russel Market, one of the oldest food produce markets in Bangalore. The T.V channel was broadcast from right in the centre of the market to the whole area. The setup included a number of T.V screens placed around the market and large screen projections running programming through the day. The programming was all created by a student team but envisioned and designed by people from the market itself, using whatever material one could find in the space.

the T.V studio and setup at the market in Bangalore, India

This project was particularly interesting as it brought me close enough to see and learn from user intervention design and art. It is not often that one gets to experience such a feeling – to be in the midst of evolving design.

one of the shop vendors at Russel Market, Bangalore, India

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