Project : Design research @ Nokia Design Oasis, Bangalore, India
Duration : 4 months
My Role : Team Leader and Facilitator for the student team part of the project, Concept generation
A lot of the project is under NDA, and what I can share below is very limited.

What is it?
This project was first and foremost a trend analysis and design research project. What followed was an intense exercise do delve deeper into the Indian diaspora to see what we could pull out to work with for future phone ideas and concepts.

The result of the project was to create designs that were derived from the extensive research done.

Collected here are images of a concept which references ideas and elements from the vast Indian culture. The idea behind the concept was to use the shape that India is most comfortable with at the moment – a circle, and then build certain qualities to appeal to the market it is intended for.

For e.g.:- When the phone charges its placed on its ‘belly’ like an animal and the cord resembles a tail giving the phone a ‘pet’ like quality , or the idea of the keypad along the edges as a border similar to how Indian women outline the edges of their eyes with a black substance – Kajal.

phone concepts

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