Map Me

Course : Service Design @ CIID with Live|work
Team : Erlend Kyte, Francesco Mondelli, Siddharth Muthyala
Duration : 2 Weeks
My Role : Concept generation and Development, Scenario Building, Experience Prototyping, User Testing, Blueprinting

What is it?
With mapme everyone gets to travel right. mapme is a corporate service that provides customised maps and routes for every employee, routes can be sorted according to your needs. Sort by time, costs, health and environmental impact.

Everyday literally millions of people travel to work as part of a routine unaware of the impact of their actions. Commuting to work back and forth is a major contribution to increased stress levels, boredom, monetary strain and not to mention environmental impact.

mapme is service for corporations and organisations to effectively participate in providing their employees with information they can use. As an organisation it is in your best interest to help educate your employees on the choices they make.

How does it work?
Maps are plotted specific to each person, going from home to work. mapme works on the premise that if you try a sustainable option even once a week there is a benefit – not just for the environment but also for you in terms of Costs, Health, Time and or Environmental Foot-Print.

The super basic skeletal structure of the service is as follows

What I learnt
As mentioned before the process we followed was to Experience prototype as much as possible, and figure out the best ways to do it. Being first time-ers at service design, the goal was to learn as much practical know-how as we can.

mapme is intended for use by various corporates and organisations, in it’s primary form a large corporation utilizes the services of mapme for use by its employees. We see the role fitting in with the company’s own environmental agenda as well as the well-being of its employees.

Below is the service blueprint for mapme

mapme Service Blueprint
Service BluePrint


find below the different profile types and scenarios we presented them with, and the feedback form that they receive from mapme at the end of each month.

What you see is their existing routine and travel pattern, and then a mapme suggestion. The feedback form created is a simulated version of their use had they used mapme for a whole month. The aim was to show the users that even a small change, even for just a day in a week, can lead to some rather interesting results over time!

some mapme systems and touchpoints
A service is never complete without the design and implementation of touchpoints, or points of interaction for the user. up until this stage most of the service is invisible to the user – if so needed. All that follows is instances from the experience prototype we conducted with our subjects.

mapme travel kit, free tickets and all!

inside the kit, your route for the day

your cycle, provided by mapme, your firm, and/or a third party firm

super simple interface for novice, busy, uninterested users. This is potentially installed on every system by the company

slightly more advanced system to keep track of your routines, patterns, etc

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