Course : Final Project @ CIID
Duration : 12 weeks (in progress)
Tags : Interaction Design, Prototyping, Scenarios, Experience prototyping, Concept development
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Note: Project still in progress

What is it?
ImpCam (working title) is my final project at CIID, and it is still underway.
What is a camera when a child holds it, looks into it, and presses the button? For my Final project at CIID I sought to look at the camera as more than just a photographic device. Today’s children are born into an age where technology is part of their daily experience. Creating, sharing and viewing are naturally within their vocabulary, and buttons and gadgets are an endless source of fascination. A child’s experience with objects around them has a high impact on their overall development, including social skills, emotions, physical activity, mental prowess

I see cameras as being part of child’s life at a very early stage, so I have been trying to understand how these pieces of technology can be adapted so as to have a valuable and more meaningful impact.

Since I am yet to complete the project at this point I just want to show a quick run through of my process so far. Also feel free to follow my CIID blog for more upto date information.

I went to a local school and spent time in the classroom, where children were between 8-10 years old. The teacher and I began a discussion about drawing and painting, what it is, why they do it, and how much they love doing it. Having steered the conversation towards photographs and cameras, I asked the children to make for most ideal camera using clay and play dough.

At the end of the day, I asked them to do two worksheets for me as homework. What they had to do was,
1 – Draw and sketch one great adventure you will have with your new camera. Be as imaginative and creative as you can!! Have fun.
2 – Who will you show all your wonderful pictures to?
3 – How will you show it to them? Try and think of a new way to do it! Remember it can be completely fun and it doesn’t have to use a computer.

drawings from the worksheet

How might we? :
From all the data collected from each of those sessions I built myself a Need and How might we map.
This helped me narrow down onto design options and challenges.

Having formulated my design avenues and with some concepts in mind, I moved into the brainstorming session. The brainstorm questions were
1 – How might we turn viewing photographs in a social experience? what tools can we provide to achieve this?
2 – How might we develop new ways to share and view images? If we could, how can we make it a tangible experience?
3 – How might we create game using cameras?
educational games, excercise games, plain old fun, or anything you can think of!
4 – How might we link more than one camera together? Is there a benefit in having buddy cameras?

collection of concepts

Quick Prototyping:
I did some quick concept prototyping and to see how my ideas worked.
concept 1 :
Augmented shapes onto a camera screen and the objective is to find those shapes in the environment around you. When you click the button an image is saved for later viewing and discussion. The shapes could be changed to an alphabet maybe, and help children with recognizing and spelling.

concept 2 :
Try and find a path in the environment around you to get the ball into the hole.

Experience Prototyping and testing:
I conducted some testing with children to see how they reacted to the concepts.

I am currently in the process of refining the experience and games and concepts. I am working on video prototyping several of the concepts (5-6 videos) and preparing for the final exhibition to held in Copenhagen in the 1st week of September 2009.

Please feel free to browse my blog for latest updates and information regarding my final project.

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