Hinges On

Project : Hinges On @ Srishti School of Art, Design & Technology, Bangalore India
Team Project
Year: 2005
My Role : Concept generation and Development, Prototyping, Scenarios, Research, Data Collection, Final Exhibition design
Honors : Exhibited at ARS Electronica 2005, Linz, Austria

What is it?

The final outcome of the project was an interactive media installation that analyzed and critiqued the coexistence of mainstream multinational branded markets and the thick multi-layered networks of informal economies that run parallel to it in India. This provides for a very large and interesting space to explore some questions regarding access, distribution and regulation of products and systems that govern them. The employment and revenue generated out of these informal economies is fairly large which makes the question of regulation an interesting one.

The process involved collecting of large amounts of data from various spaces and people in Bangalore, from grey markets, to judicial courthouses, to cyber crime police units, to media activist. I found myself actively engaging in dialogues of right, wrong and grey as many relevant questions were raised about our role as designers and passive observers of the situation.

The installation was a depiction of our process in trying to delve deeper into the topic. A lot of interesting feedback was received in Europe, where there is a clear line between the legal and not so legal.

The installation itself was a space where the user had to ‘catch’ and piece together their own version of our story – a story of access or the lack of it. One had to rotate a hinged door to align it to one of the 4 projectors to catch the dialogue they want to hear. Through a series of such actions one can actually hope to get the larger picture – if one is persistent enough.

Installation at ARS Electronica 2005, Linz, Austria

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