Have and Have Nots

Course : Graphical User Interface (GUI) – Date Visualizations @ CIID
Team : Eilidh Dickson, Siddharth Muthyala
Duration : 2 Weeks
My Role : Concept generation and Development, UI Design, Graphic Design, Flash Programming (beginner level)

Design Process
Being first time programmers it was essential to break down every bit of the visualisation starting at the very basics – trying to get an object on the screen. The objective of the first 5-8 initial sketches was to make objects appear on screen and give a basic representation of numbers through simple shapes and forms.

What is it?
Does everyone who owns a computer use the internet? At what point did the Internet cause a boom in computer usage?

Launch the Data Visualisation

Two sets of data were used to try and demonstrate any correlation between them. We wanted to see if there was a relation between computer owners and internet users – if either affected the numbers of the other, and more importantly, how?

We plotted the the values for the both data sets for 10 countries (we chose the countries of the students on the pilot year).

We imagined that each time the visualization was run, the screen would look different (random placement of characters) and this was ideal to have randomised posters. Sadly we never reached that point of unique posters each time the visualization was run.

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