In early 2008 I interned/Volunteered at The Green School in Bali, Indonesia. The school is an ambitious project where they strive to create and build everything with sustainable materials and processes.

“Green School chose bamboo in the spirit of plenty. With rapidly escalating world cement prices, not to mention the sheer amount of fossil fuel that cement consumes, we must look to alternative building materials. Frankly, it is hard to talk to students about sustainability while they are using the last piece of rainforest for their chair and their table.

Bamboo is available and plenty, and when it is treated with borax salt, it is rendered immune to the bugs that like to eat it, so it becomes a permanent material.”

My primary role during the internship was to provide support to the design/architecture team, I worked on concepts and designs for kindergarten and canteen. Below are pictures of the kind furniture that is being made and used at the school.




Being at Green School was a valuable and enriching experience. I got to work with materials that I had always wanted to and I was able to live and experience sustainability. I also took part in the various activities and events organised at the school.

Some of my sketches while I was there. More on my flickr page

bamboo platform for the canteen

concept for classroom furniture

concept for classroom furniture

concept for classroom furniture

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