Mega Re-Cap!!!

I recently had the misfortune of deleting several posts at one go. I have complied most of what I lost into one post here. This is highly irritating that there isn’t a trash can to undo deletes!

Post 1
Mock up

Made tiny flash mock ups of the game for my video prototype.
Will have 5 ‘games’ for the final presentation
shooting sometime in the next few days hopefully.

Post 2
Video prototype

The next step that am working on is the video prototype for my concept and idea.
Am using an IPod touch for the scenarios, and a handheld video game console. The idea is just to give a representation of a gadget that a child would use and play with while looking cool and tech like.

3777808198_3f0a054191 3777816438_b407853814
Possible choices and what I chose to work with in the end – a Spiderman handheld game
3777031813_1d4c3c1ea8 3777033219_0581a7fce9
cleaning out the case to make room for the Ipod
3777037399_60eb74da4e 3777041807_b3ab3c4dc2
encased screen
new prototype

Experience prototype

I recently did an experience prototype with a few kids.
The first one was with Victoria, 6 years old. She enjoyed playing both the games but wasn’t interested for longer than 15 minutes! I have seen the limitations of the demo, even though the concept itself is sound.

Not having a screen on the camera itself would be a terrible mistake.
Test 1:
Trying to see if Victoria got the hang of spotting the right shapes in the environment around her, as the game progressed and the shapes changed she got progressively excited. Which is a good sign.


Test 2:
I asked her to play the game in which the you need to ‘find’ or draw a path between the ball and the hole.
I think this game was conceptually a bit hard for her.

but she did get the hang of it pretty quick.

I also tested the games at the Reboot Conference where they had a ‘Kindergarten’ setup.
Having learnt from my previous experience I set it up a bit differently and this time the concepts worked much better, but once again the concept was a little hard to grasp for the younger children (4 years) but the older boys had no problem mastering the game and stay engaged for a bit.

I count that as a pretty good success.

Adam and Eilidh always beat me to the punch, those blog nerds..
Spent the last two days at Reboot 11 in Copenhagen, and CIID had worked out a deal in which we were a design consultancy of sorts for all the people at the conference. I was surprised at the progress we made with people willing to let us participate in their design concepts and actively sought our input!!

check out documentation here, made by Eilidh.

Presentation Round 2
The other day I presented my project and some of the ideas I have been playing with.
presentation 2..
This is still work in progress.

slide 1: # ImpCam what else is a camera supposed to be? (working title) Initial starting point, looking at how kids(me) play
slide 2: experiment with school kids of ages 8 to 10! made them all make fantasy cameras with play dough! really really cool out of this world concepts were born!
slide 3: worksheets the kids had to fill out on how they will share their images and with whom?
slide 4: My research questions and directions.
slide 5: Concepts from the brainstorm! so many to pick from. rubiks cube camera concept..
slide 6: Concept 1
slide 7: Concept 2
slide 8: Concept 3
slide 9: Concept 4
slide 10: Concept 5
slide 11: Concept 5 cont
slide 12: I imagine my concept to be a platform that can be built on and added to depending on what your needs are – Educational, entertainment etc.


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  1. interesting stuff dude! the hole game ‘s brilliant!

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