School day 1 pictures

I have spent the last two days at the local school with children of ages 8 and 9. We went through a few exercises and discussions that were really insightful and helpful.
– General Discussion about drawing and sketching
– Leading into taking pictures and cameras
– Making imaginary cameras that they want (using clay)
– Worksheet
– Draw one great adventure you will have with your new camera. Be as imaginative and creative as you can!! Have fun.
– Who will you show all your wonderful pictures to?
– How will you show it to them? Try and think of a new way to do it! Remember it can be completely fun and it doesn’t have to use a computer.

a camera on your thumb, so you can do other things with your fingers | camera with removable screen

Very “gadget-y”, projects images wherever you need them | embellished jewel like cameras

Framed pictures, treasure? importance? | Show the pictures inside a tree trunk!! she said because it was ‘cozy’!! I need to decipher this.

buddy device, paring up with friends or family | “an image in the sun, picture projected into the sun because the sun is beautiful”

Lots more pictures here (school day) and here (drawings)


3 responses to “School day 1 pictures

  1. Tarun Chandrayadula

    Hi Sidhu,

    This is your cousin Tarun. Sudha mama forwarded me the link to your blog. It looks like you are having fun by learning new things. Must be an exciting time. I hope that you also get to travel and experience Denmark. Good luck with your studies. I am on the verge of finishing my thesis at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia.


  2. The girl referring to coziness inside the tree trunk was probably from climbing into tree hollows or being in tree houses 🙂 … Interesting!

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