PlayDough Day 1

Yesterday was my first day at a local school (Ingrid Jespersons Skole on Nordre Frihavnsgade). Nina was with me so she could translate Danish for me – but to my surprise all of them understood English if not even spoke back to me ( I was warned by the principal I would need a Danish speaker with me)

The session started with me starting a discussion about drawing and sketching and what it means to them. There were several examples on the walls and tables and bags. And tried to lead them into the world of cameras and photography.

Children enjoy the sensory experiences, visual, audio, smell, touch, and it’s something that I took for granted – I have a blog to express myself, record myself, keep track of projects for reviews, most of us prefer to just write things down! That’s the last thing a kid wants to do! Write things down?!?

Also what I had sort of not thought about was the context – as we discussed various hobbies and interests it struck me as to how privileged these kids were, and if instead of Denmark I turned my focus to the developing world with the same project and same exercises what would I find? Cameras for children in South America? Africa? India?

“So in my school for a class my teacher has asked me to design cameras for you! But I don’t know what to do and I need your help! who wants to help me build cameras?”


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