E-cam, trashing out ideas

* long post with many pictures
Just to stop thinking about these ideas I had to put them down. These are not final ideas, but a concept that I don’t want nagging me for the next few weeks. *flush*
Yesterday I started thinking of making a camera for those who don’t want to be bothered with various functions and features most digital cameras have, point and shoots even. Even with the auto function there is still the hassle of downloading and saving and sharing these pictures. anyway..
look at impcam post to see what am doing for my CIID thesis

1. Orient the camera any which you want to take a picture. In video mode it doesnt affect the orientation – there isnt an easy way to rotate a video like you would with photos, is there?

2. Dock the camera to transfer/download/charge camera

3. The dock connects the camera to a screen (touch screen ofcourse), a printer (with screen), and the internet (photo sharing)

4. Printer prints hard copies, uploads to your photosharing website

5. Compile photos into an album (the good old days). Each picture is coded (bar coded, tagged)

6. Use the bar-code to access the image again in the future. why? to print more copies for your friends maybe. Use the Photograph as a bookmark to the album or set. Jump to the time period, like page numbers in books to know where you are.

7. Just wave the bar-code at the scanner to bring it up, or the album, or a reference point.

8. what do you do with all those movies? Get them burnt onto a DVD and have them delivered to your house. Will work on your DVD player (service design opportunity?)

9. Use the dock to communicate with the dock in your friends house. Send them images (I imagined this primarily in the family setting, with older parents and children/grandchildren etc)

full pictures

glad thats out of the way. see the sketches here


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