Six Degrees

I was recently in Norway at Erlends cabin for Easter break and had one of the best holidays I could have hoped for. Pictures will be slow in coming.. but will get there (around 11 gigs to sort out and name and upload)

In the meantime I found this article that is as sad as it is interesting – Study Finds Pattern of Severe Droughts in Africa . The state of things to come is inevitable..

in Norway I found my self deeply engrossed in Six Degrees: Our Future on a Hotter Planet by Mark Lynas. I only managed to get through 3 degrees, but that was eye opening enough. If the book is accurate (which am certain it is) then Africa and other countries along the same belt are in for serious trouble, and the NY Times article is just the beginning.

great review by Stephen A. Haines on Amazon

“It’s hard to understand how there could be any climate change “sceptics” remaining. Perhaps they have failed to comprehend the long view of what the circumstances are. What does an increase in global temperatures really mean? Mark Lynas has culled the massive number of reports on the topic and here woven them into a comprehensive picture of likely futures for this planet. In this effective work, he lines out what the changes in our biosphere are likely to be over the next decades. It’s a chilling account and one that should be in the hands of every industrialist, policy-maker and tax-paying consumer…”
read more here

Norway was stunning and beautiful and reading this book made me enjoy it even more so – we are the last few generations who might be able to enjoy it in its present state
Inspiration fodder for my CIID thesis..


‘only detectives’ crossing

stunning Mjølfjell


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