User Research – Library

Its been close to a week of user research and we have a ‘direction’ we want to go in. As of two days ago we have been toying with the idea of using Tourists/Visitors/Non-Locals as the group we should work towards and how the Danish Libraries fit in. The library system can be a powerful organization and authority on almost everything – from Culture(Danish or otherwise), New Media (Internet, Music, DVD’s) and one that people trust and recognise as a reliable source of un-biased information.

Methods we used range from informal interviews to more focused discussions. One of the tools in particular that we found very useful was the word association/card sorting exercise, where the participant is given some broad topics – Internet, Book-store, Library, CD/DVD store, Cafe in our case and a collection of nouns. More than trying to gain insight about the patterns, it was extremely useful to have a conversation with – “Why have you placed ‘personal’ on this mat?” “What does that mean?”

Another exercise was the voice grab of many many people. We asked several people one question and filmed their answers. “Where do you go to discover new ideas?” again this exercise produced some results that we may or may not have connected with. It’s good to have an abstract question that leads to interesting and abstract ideas. check out the video below

Its purely for documentation purposes, the sound is a bit off

Since we are working with tourists (visitors, non locals, etc) we had a round of interviews at the Copenhagen airport, Tourist info, and the streets. as an aside I was surprised how easy it was for us to film and take pictures inside the airport – it was refreshing to see an airport that’s not ********

Brian Rink from IDEO is with us along with Simona to facilitate this course, and as a next step we have been asked to list out all our process and learning under a few headings – a) What We Learned, b) What It Means, c) So What..?
Some of the interesting insights we have had –
a) “It would be romantic to meet someone at the library”
b) Meeting people face to face is a richer experience.
The library has a special ‘romantic’ quality to it
c) How might the library connect strangers with similar interests?

a) “I am here(at the library) while my friends are at work”
b) Regardless of which country you are in, the library is seen as a free public space you can spend time with access to a variety of services
c)”How might we create engaging services and experiences for people who have visited the library with no agenda and are just killing time

and so on.. we have about 25 high resolution insights that we will use to take into the concept developing stage.

What We Learned, What It Means, So What..?

Next post: “Design Challenges”


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