Electronic Paper- Kindling?

Electronic Paper has been around since the 70’s, atleast it was first developed in the 70’s.
I heard about it in 08, 2008 that is. I try to keep abreast of technology – in limited vocabulary, which leads me to think that I might have heard of it before but never paid attention.

The Motorola F3 uses an e-paper display instead of a conventional LCD display, and I have seen this phone in India – super cheap and popular if I remember. I know I found the screen interesting, but never looked it up. The F3 probably had amazing battery life.

I just read an article that said “Customers may have less incentive to buy a Kindle, now that they can download e-books onto the iPhones and iPods they already own” which lead to the Kindle, which lead to e-Paper, which lead to the F3.

The Kindle has an array of features but what I find most interesting is the screen. It’s not in colour yet, but am sure that’s not very far away. It will be truly amazing to see E-Paper go the OLED way. Flexible, Tangible E-Paper! I’ll want the Kindle then.

What about the library then?

Motorola F3


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