Lunch Box


Lunch box and Post-It note

Recently I brokered a lunch deal with a lovely Taiwanese lady, that she makes me lunch.
So every day Jason, who is my classmate at CIID brings me a little box of food that makes me look forward to lunch more than ever before!

There are three things I used to, and guess can still do –
a) I used to make a little box of food in the mornings, which usually meant Sandwiches, and on a good day they had more than cheese fillings. On better days I would eat Pasta.
b) Buy food at the school canteen. Delicious food at Danish prices, not for students every day.
c) Get microwave food at the supermarket – The Chilli Con Carne was pretty good.

I have been eating this box lunch for a week now that Janice, Jason’s wife, makes for me. Most days I get a little post it note, my own fortune cookie saying.
Janice could start a service similar to the Mumbai DabbaWalas , and she only needs a workforce 20 times smaller than the Mumbai guys (Copenhagen being about 20 times smaller in population) – so 200 people to make sure Copenhagen never misses a meal.

Half way through the year and I cant help but think of all the awesome lunches I have missed out on.


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