online photo sharing..


I used to have a Flickr account – I still have it and dont use it rather.

I dont like the idea of having to pay for it every year, I am ok with paying a one time joining fee, but feel unhappy about having to do it every year (or 2 years). There is so much ‘free’ data on the internet and I felt it unfair.  I love Flickr and I love the tools and functions it has, but alas I feel the need to go the free way.

I really *like* Ovi-Share now!

After much searching and by pure stumbling I found this amazing photo sharing site (thats still free!!) and has got some rather good functionality. Its not as great a community as other spaces online, but hey all I want is sort of permanent ‘safe’ storage of all my pictures. I dont like my harddrive – once in there I rarely look at them.

Albums of mine on Ovi that I like. Panoramas | CIIDVancouver |

see my Flickr page too!


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